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Changing the future of your business or transforming yourself starts with a decision.  Emanuel has been changing lives since 2014.  Changing yours is only a click away.


With more than a decade in the entertainment industry, contact Emanuel now, for your venue, private function, or special occasion.


Combining Laws of Physics to change the way you think – That is the Paralax Effect.

Over the past 6 years, Emanuel has used his own experience combined with laws of physics to design his own unique way of coaching.  Changing the way you think has never been so easy.

Do you feel you are stuck?

Do you find it difficult to be heard?

Are you not getting along with other people?

Have you tried everything to make your business a success but yet you are struggling?

Setting Goals

Goal setting is probably the most important part of changing your business and your future.  Let Emanuel teach you the skills to not only set goals but also achieve them.  Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of the journey.  Do not allow your past failures to stand in the way of your future success.

Group Coaching

Your business success is sometimes reliant on how unified your staff is.  Underlying issues between staff could cause a domino effect and could cause your business to suffer.  In this case, the issue is not only with one staff member but sometimes multiple.  Let Emanuel assist in finding the cracks and ultimately resolve what issues there might be.

Life Coaching

You cannot expect to reach personal success if you make the same mistakes.  Start changing the way you see life and it’s challenges and you will change your future.  All your inter-personal relationships are directly linked to the way you get treated and how you treat others.  Sometimes the first step has to come from you.

Business Coaching

If the way you do business has not caused you to reach success, then you are doing something wrong.  Emanuel can help you change your thought processes which are directly linked to your successes and failures.

What Is Coaching ?   |   Who is Coaching For?

Life and Business Coaches use the skills and thought patterns you already have to unlock your inner potential.  By changing the way you look at a map, it could change your destination or the route you take to get there.  If you have daily struggles with yourself and others, if you set goals and never reach them or if you find constant problems within your business or workplace, then you can benefit from coaching.  Do not waste time, start your new journey NOW!

About Me

Emanuel Pietersen has been in the public eye as a performer and actor since the early 2000s.  Studying in Kwazulu Natal in South Africa, Emanuel focussed on Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, while keeping his eye on the entertainment industry.  After moving to Gauteng in 2000, he worked hard while pursuing Acting.  In the mid-2000’s he got a role on the once-popular Egoli which was short-lived as production came to an end shortly after.  Emanuel featured on numerous other shows and international, as well as national adverts.  He then turned his attention over to Theatre and music and finally released his first studio album in 2013.  During this time he also started and built 3 businesses up from scratch and learned through trial and error what works and what does not.  As the world evolves and changes, one thing stays constant – science and physics – and through his own experience, Emanuel designed his own unique way of coaching, through what he calls the Parallax Effect.  The Parallax Effect uses numerous science and physics laws combined with personal experience to change your thought processes and ultimately change your future…

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Change Your Mindset. Set Your Goals. Make a Change. Reach Personal Growth and Success.

Change the way you think about your failures and successes now by booking an appointment with Emanuel Pietersen.  Should you want Emanuel to host or talk at one of your motivational events feel free to enquire by filling in the contact forms below.  Your future is now, so do not waste any more time!

Choose to change your path now!  Set your goals and reach them!  Contact me now!

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